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The Mighty Boosh discuss album and film

'The Mighty Boosh' stars Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Dave Brown and Mike Fielding gave a talk last night (April 7) at the Apple Store in central London.

Among the the topics discussed in the Regent Street shop were the collective's forthcoming album and film – although details were scant with the comedians concentrating on drawing laughs from the crowd, who had been let in on a first-come, first-served basis.

During the hour-long discussion, the comedy troupe made references to the music that inspired them, with Fielding admitting that one of their 'crimps' – their own form of "folk rapping" – had ripped off Pink Floyd. Barratt said he and Fielding had been influenced by Frank Zappa in the early days of 'The Mighty Boosh'. They also discussed how Snoop Dogg had supposedly once been amazed by a picture of Mike Fielding in his role of Naboo dressed as pimped-out rapper for a skit from their Future Sailors tour. When asked about the plans for an album, Barratt jokingly revealed, "We might release them as a virus" or a "digital soup".

They also talked of possible plans to write a country and western song for the Crack Fox character from their television show, or a white reggae song for a shaman character. "We can write a song in an afternoon, whereas a scene can take us a week," explained Noel Fielding, who was wearing an outfit which Barratt described as a making him look like a "mechanic from the future".

Plans for the 'The Mighty Boosh' film were also discussed, with Noel saying, "we've written about half of three films". He also admitted that the gang were too busy with other projects at the moment to give it their full attention. "Julian's got a cookbook and I've got a dance video," he joked.

The gang were launching their Mighty Decider iPhone application at the store.