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Alanis Morissette: 'I used to channel my energy in inappropriate ways'

Singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette has admitted that she used to smother her ex-boyfriends with the kind of maternal love that should really be reserved for a child and now that she has a son, she feels as though everything's falling into place.

The superstar explained that her songwriting has become more natural because she thinks she is channeling her energy in a more appropriate way that in turn has given her a sense of clarity. Speaking to Walmart Soundcheck, she said:

"In 'Guardian,' the chorus is about my son. This protectorship, this momma bear that emerged. I was always channeling my maternal energy in inappropriate ways with certain ex-boyfriends, and so now I have this son and it's really appropriate for me to love him in this kind of way."

"And then I saw the difference between how I was loving him and how I wasn't taking care of myself. So the verses are about me growing this inner mom, this inner parent frankly to take better care of myself."




Watch her latest music video below: