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Alanis Morissette: "Intimacy was always terrifying for me"

Singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette has revealed that writing her new album, 'Havoc and Bright Lights', was incredibly cathartic because she is more 'brave' and willing to open up about the things that truly move her.

Speaking to the Rolling Stone about the record, she explained that she has embraced her fears, hopes and loves and was prepared to expose them all in the lyrics of the tracks that make up this new offering:

"I think it speaks to how much braver I am to delve into a deeper intimacy in my relationships, the one with my son, with my husband, even to the point where I'd be ready to get married."

"Intimacy was always terrifying for me, so intimacy with spirit, other people, friends, even professional colleagues. So it's a relationship record even more so than ever before."

She added that regardless of how she tries to write, the subject matter always seems to return to relationships and matters of the heart, admitting that she learned a lot from channeling her emotions into her new material:

"It's the revaluation and re-definition, frankly, of marriage and commitment and why commitment yields healing and how art is cathartic in and of itself but it doesn't create healing. That healing comes from commitment, deep intimacy and the long term diving into relationships, especially when it's hard."




Watch her music video for 'Guardian' below: