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Mitch Winehouse to meet with government officials about proposed Amy Winehouse Foundation

Mitch Winehouse has set things in motion to get plans for the Amy Winehouse Foundation moving. 

The late singer's father announced details of his wish to launch a charitable organisation that would aim to help people struggling with addiction as well as support other things Amy loved, such as horses and children, and has confirmed an appointment with British government officials (August 1) to discuss funding. 

Sarah Graham, an addiction expert who has been brought on board by Mitch, told Britain's The Times newspaper that "it's all very well building a rehabilitation centre, but we need reassurances that we can work with Government and other agencies to make sure people get referred there, and that beds will be paid for."

She continued:

"There is no point in having great facilities and great staff if no one refers addicts there. Under the current system it is fantastically difficult to get funding for rehabilitation, with key workers having to get funding from at least three different sources. We need the funding to be made much more straightforward."

Watch Winehouse perform 'Rehab' here: