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Mitch Winehouse pitches Amy Winehouse Foundation idea to government officials

Mitch Winehouse spent yesterday, August 1, in a meeting with government officials to talk about his wish to launch the Amy Winehouse Foundation. 

The 'Back To Black' singer's father met with Keith Vaz MP and Minister for Crime and Security James Brokenshire to discuss his ideas, and told them, "This isn't only important to me, this is important to our whole country."

"I want to involve myself in things that would have been important to Amy. That is why we are going to be setting up the Amy Winehouse Foundation." He continued, "There (are) hundreds of thousands of young people in situations today that could be avoided, and these are our future policemen, doctors and lawyers and solicitors, that we could help. We need to be able to help our children."

Mitch also stressed that this charitable organisation wouldn't be created just to keep his daughter's name alive and instead is important to help the recovery of those that are unable to go it alone for financial reasons. He added:

"This isn't about Amy, because we were in a fortunate position of being able to fund Amy to go into private rehab. This is about people that can't afford it."

"Rather than money being wasted through the criminal justice system, there could be a reallocation of funds. We need to be able to help our children."

Watch Mitch talk about his plans for the foundation below: