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Dionne Bromfield: 'Amy Winehouse was my boss, mentor and godmother'

Dionne Bromfield opened up about her close relationship with godmother Amy Winehouse in a new interview done only 2 days before the 'Back To Black' singer was found dead in her Camden home

Speaking to the Evening Standard's ES magazine, Bromfield explained that Winehouse was "not only my godmother, she is my boss and mentor." The 15-year-old singer is signed to Winehouse's Lioness record label and revealed their bond was irreplaceable:

"She calls me her older sister, which is really cool. She has always been there. The other day I was with her and she said, 'You're so much wiser than me'. We get on a lot."

At the time, Bromfield had no comment on Winehouse's destructive lifestyle and simply added, "what Amy does with her life is what Amy does with her life."

Watch Bromfield and Winehouse perform together at the iTunes Festival in July below: