UK band- The Fall of Ego dance remix for single 'Out Of Reach' ahead of album release later this year

Indie rock band The Fall Of Ego have released a remix to their next single 'Out Of Reach' ahead of their debut album release 'World In Disguise' due out on the 25th November.

Introducing the 'Out Of Reach- Ultra Ego Remix' to the single Out of Reach which was released nationally on September 2nd.

Here is a link to listen:

The Fall of Ego come from the great tradition of British Guitar bands, led by globe-trotting songwriter Sven Fredriksson and featuring the talents of Primal Scream’s Darrin Mooney and Barrie Cadogan. Out of Reach is a minor-key track of epic proportions, building from a moody opening to a thundering finish driven by Cadogan’s inimitable guitar work.

The electronic Ultra Ego Remix was produced in collaboration with London Drum ‘n Bass heroes Punx Soundcheck. Tapping into singer Sven’s parallel passion for electronic dance music - he recently performed a guest DJ slot for the Ministry of Sound - the Ultra Ego project is the dark, electro flip-side to The Fall of Ego’s indie-rock swagger.

For more information on The Fall Of Ego please visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter links below:

September 15, 2016 7:48am ET by Steaming Kettle PR  

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