Christian singer/songwriter Chloe Reynolds has released her new thought provoking video 'I AM BRAVE'


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Surrey-born Chloe Reynolds, a solo artist who has toured with Anastacia, Lulu and Marti Pellow has been sharing the message behind I AM BRAVE across the UK. During this time she has seen many people encouraged by the song and intends for the video to share hope with a wider audience.

Chloe said, "This song isn't just about my story. It's for everyone! Whether you are a stay at home parent, working a full time job, enjoying or struggling with retirement, unemployed, studying, recovering, serving, facing a scary diagnosis, living your best life, or striving just to get through each day, this song is for YOU. You are brave."

The ambitious video sees 75 lines each performed by different volunteers. Different faces, different lives, different stories. But the same God and the same truth that "Today You're giving me strength."

She said, "We all need a bit of encouragement every now and then. I hope this video brings a motivational smile to everyone who needs a boost. It's so important to remember that we are loved by a God who wants the very best for us and will give us everything we need to get through. We can do this!"

Chloe is an ambassador for Compassion UK and uses her concerts as a platform to highlight the charity's life changing work with the world's poorest children. She is currently booking dates for her Spring 2019 tour and aims to share this message with as many people as possible.

Chloe's studio album of the same title 'I Am Brave' is out now:

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