UK pop band Those Fantastic Things drop new video for 'Don't Feel' ahead of debut album release!


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Those Fantastic Things arrive with a bang with 'Don’t Feel' their first single from their forthcoming debut album 'I Never Left'.

Packed with John Carpenter-esque synths, razor sharp drum beats and jangly guitar hooks, 'Don’t Feel' offers a high energy anthem that leaves you wanting more.

'Don’t Feel' “is about someone close to me going to a psychic, coming back and telling me all kinds of nonsense I didn’t want to hear. They thought they were helping but couldn’t have been further from it – the future they talked about trapped me” says Paul Donnelly, the man behind ‘Those Fantastic Things.’

Clocking in at 2.46, 'Don’t Feel' doesn’t drop its energy from the moment the drums kick in until the closing beat, keeping your attention until the closing note. The single epitomises the pop ethic which is reflected throughout the whole album…this is just the beginning for Those Fantastic Things.

Watch the new video for 'Don't Feel' out now!

May 28, 2020 8:30am ET by Steaming Kettle PR  

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