Shem Sharples releases new indie-folk inspired album 'Strange Sounds From The Wreckage'


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Shem Sharples returns with his stunning new album ‘Strange Sounds from the Wreckage.’

With two previous albums to his name Shem has established himself as a distinguished name on the scene and created a sound that is distinctly recognisable. His latest project blends a mix of genres from indie, rock, folk and country to create an album that is truly unique and exciting.

The title track ‘Strange Sounds from The Wreckage’ is an upbeat and mysterious offering which takes us on a journey to bring to life Shem’s imagination and lets us discover his world. The vivid imagery of nature in Shem’s lyrics, the rolling beat and the jangly guitar set the scene for the album to follow.

Shem’s beautiful storytelling serves to uplift and excite on each of the nine songs on the album. He explores themes such as waking up to the beauty in the world on ‘Clear Crystal View’ and breaking free from the usual constraints that limit us on ‘Tumble Down the Wind.’

The album unites the talent of Shem and lifetime friend and bass powerhouse Thor Brown to create a masterpiece. The pair have been playing together since 2014 and have built up a tight act which allows them to perform live as a duo and share their unique sound with fans.

Join Shem and embark on an uplifting lyrical adventure…

Strange Sounds From The Wreckage is out now:

September 25, 2020 7:37am ET by Steaming Kettle PR  

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