The Bablers drop new release 'You Are The One For Me'

Finnish supergroup The Bablers drop their brand new single and video today 'You Are The One For Me'


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BIG STIR RECORDS is pleased to announce the first in a new series of singles from THE BABLERS, shining a light on the Finnish guitar-pop supergroup's 1990s second coming. “You Are The One For Me” is out May 6, available for pre-order now at and streaming worldwide on the street date, accompanied by an official music video. Never before heard outside of Asia and Scandinavia, the single – a gorgeous slice of pitch-perfect, harmony-drenched guitar pop – begins to tell the unheard middle part of the band's story: between their origins on the Finnish new wave pop scene of late '70s and the resounding international success of their 2021 Big Stir album PSYCHADILLY CIRCUS, THE BABLERS were big in Japan.

“You Are The One For Me” – a song written by BABLERS main man ARTO TAMMINEN in the early 90’s and first performed at his friend ́s wedding – is the lead single from the forthcoming reissue of a newly remastered edition of the band's second album LIKE THE FIRST TIME. The record's title could not be more apt in 2022: previously released only in Japan and Finland in 1998, the album's contents will now be heard by listeners worldwide for the first time ever.

It's a glimpse back into the the 1990s power pop revival and easily stands with the best music of that age, as its success in Japan attests. “You Are The One For Me” was one of several songs by THE BABLERS tapped for use in mainstream TV commercials. A spot for the nation's largest life insurance company featuring the track was broadcast during the heavily-viewed Tokyo marathon. The exposure, coupled with the song's cross-cultural appeal as a powerful pop hit par excellence, a perfectly performed and irresistible catchy pop song with rock attitude, resulted in heavy rotation on airwaves. It was Top Ten hit on biggest non-payola radio station in Japan, ZIP HOT 100, even beating out Madonna's just-released “Ray Of Light”. It would go on to feature on many popular compilations in Japan alongside tracks from major international artists.

With the entire album Like The First Time now remastered for release to new territories in a new millennium, “You Are The One For Me” begins Big Stir's unveiling of the “lost” middle chapter of THE BABLERS' career – the Japanese Saga – with more should-have-be and sure-to-be hits to follow. Arto relates a tale of the song's history that's also a sure sign of things to come: “One dark and warm spring evening 1998 in Tokyo, my friend, who was working in Nokia Tokyo’s office, was hosting his business guests. At the end of the evening the group went into a popular karaoke bar. During the event, he noticed something strangely familiar being performed at the karaoke... a song he had heard before in Finland, at his wedding many years ago! Yes, someone was performing 'You Are The One For Me' at a karaoke bar in Tokyo!” With the song reaching new ears worldwide, don't be surprised if you feel compelled to get up and sing it too.

You Are The One For Me is out now-

May 6, 2022 7:29am ET by Steaming Kettle PR  

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