Marc Gallagher drops new emotional song/video about his attempted suicide

UK singer/songwriter Marc Gallagher opens up with new emotional song and video about his attempted suicide


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After positive reception to his single “Sad Elephant”, Manchester-based ukulele player Marc Gallagher is preparing to move audiences with the release of his next single “I’m So Glad You’re Still Here”.

Born and raised in Nantwich, Cheshire, Marc shaped his musical development with local open mics and gigs, before moving to Manchester and subsequently taking his talents internationally to 11 countries on tours and ukulele festivals. Writing songs about his own experiences, Marc’s latest single hearkens back to a pivotal point in his life.

In February 2010 Marc attempted suicide at the age of just 13. Suffering with depression, and failing to see a way through it, Marc considered the world a better place if he wasn’t around.

“I had wanted to write this song for a while, but hadn’t quite known how to approach such a tender subject”, Marc said, adding “This song acts as a letter to my younger self, being released in the month I turn 26. It’s what I wish I heard then, and what I hope people who need it can hear now.”

Since the world returned to live music post-pandemic, Marc has been busier than ever, performing 5-7 times a week with highlights including Austrian Ukulele Festival and a Main Stage slot at Grand Northern Ukulele Festival supporting Jake Shimabukuro-considered by many to be the best ukulele player in the world.

From a production standpoint, “I’m So Glad” is completely self-produced as Marc puts his Music Production degree to good use. The stripped back arrangement draws attention to Gallagher’s soft vocals, highlighting the subject matter at hand.

Speaking on the creation of this song, Marc said “I attended a songwriting retreat back in March, and outside of the songs we were writing in our small groups I found about half an hour before our next meeting in which the song just poured out of me.”

Speaking of his influences, Gallagher added “unlike my previous single ‘Sad Elephant’ where there was very much an influence in mind, ‘I’m So Glad’ was written so quickly that I didn’t have time to think about who inspired me. When I consider my production choices it hearkens back to Ed Sheeran’s album + in it’s lo-fi element”. 

Based on these recent influences “I’m So Glad” features an intimate acoustic palette along with occasional surprises with a production that feels charmingly homemade.

In recognition of Marc’s recent accomplishments, Professor Mary Agnes Krell, Director of Grand Northern Ukulele Festival commented “Marc Gallagher is a truly astonishing singer songwriter. He’s a human jukebox who captivates audiences from his first note to the very last”.

I’m So Glad You’re Still Here is out now- 

September 23, 2022 7:05am ET by Steaming Kettle PR  

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