Simon Fuller Managed, Annie Lennox, Receives OBE for Outstanding Contribution Towards the Fight Against AIDs

LONDON, June 28, 2011 -- Today, 28 June 2011, Annie Lennox receives an OBE for her outstanding contribution towards the AIDs effort in the developing world. The pop star, managed by Simon Fuller at XIX Entertainment, will collect the OBE at London's Buckingham Palace, presented by the Queen. This honour comes after the star's tireless campaigning on behalf of AIDs and HIV victims across poverty-stricken areas, with a particular focus on women and children across Africa. Simon Fuller, Annie Lennox's manager comments:

"I am delighted that Annie has been recognized for her humanitarian work in this way. She's a remarkable and dedicated woman who has inspired people from all generations and from all corners of the world. Her achievements in music have made her one of the greatest singers of all time and I am proud to have worked with her for these last twenty years."

The former Eurythmics singer precedes a group of personalities across the entertainment and sporting worlds who will also receive OBEs from the Queen today at Buckingham Palace. Lennox, 56, is no stranger to awards and honours, having been commended numerous times by the music industry in the form of Grammys, Brits and Golden Globes. She now splits her time between music and humanitarian work. The investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace today lauds Lennox's dedication and commitment to the struggle against AIDs.

Simon Fuller is one of the most dynamic and influential men in the entertainment business. Champion creator of the TV shows that define our generation and sculpt the future of our entertainment industry, Fuller's XIX Entertainment has made him the most significant manager of all time. With fingers in the media, music and sport spheres and with big names like The Spice Girls,David Beckham, Andy Murray, Annie Lennox and Cathy Dennis in his arsenal, it's no wonder iTunes have hailed Simon Fuller as the king of the digital revolution.

Fuller is a man who's reputation precedes him. Creator of the world famous Idol franchise, which has over 100 versions worldwide and the basis of our current and future pop culture, he is also the co-creator and executive producer of the Fox TV reality show, So you think you can dance, as well as successfully introducing Little Britain to the states. In 2010 Simon Fuller was announced as Executive Producer of Bel Ami, a new movie starring Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Christina Ricca and Kristen Scott Thomas, which is set for 2011 release.

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