Dom Malin​’s releases a brand new video for the emotion-driven single Eye of the Storm

Test your soul’s capacity with Indie Folk singer-songwriter Dom Malin​’s emotion-driven single “Eye of the Storm”


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Midlands Folk singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Dom Malin put his multifaceted talents to use once more with his passionately vulnerable third single “Eye of the Storm”.

Critical acclaim is already pouring in for the way the plaintively purposeful guitar notes in the stylistically sonic Indie Folk soundscape gently hammer home the sincerity in the poetically enrapturing lyrics which will resonate with anyone feeling the intense weight of a breakup.

Eye of the Storm was selected as song of the week by BBC Introducing Lincolnshire ahead of the official release date of November 6​th​, 2020 and it is set to enamour any fans of The Lumineers, Damien Rice and Ben Howard.

Dom Malin ​said:

“Eye of the Storm was inspired by personal experiences and feelings of a broken heart. It encapsulates the emotions which manifest when two people who believe they have a life together, no longer have one, when you try to solve a problem, only to find there is no solution because one-half of the partnership is no longer on the same page. The track highlights how hope gives you solace, but never fills the void of loneliness. With this song, I want my listeners to find a temporary musical escape.”

​A&R Factory​ said:

You almost forget that Eye of the Storm is ‘merely’ a soundscape for the way it intensely wraps you up in the ardent emotion which it was created with. The sense of passion is off the Richter scale. Grab your raincoat and be prepared for a sweetly tempestuous ride.



Dom Malin is a Midlands -​ based artist who has been nurturing his musical talents since acquiring his first electric guitar and a penchant for Pop Punk and Rock. His first track, Oh Little Boy penned an enchantingly touching tale of a young adult who would listen to the stories of an elderly alcoholic and how the world is in need of help. After realising his capacity to stir emotion with his expressive songwriting style, Malin continued to hone in on his talents by gaining a university degree in Music and teaching in a creative music college. His debut release Hold on Me hit the airwaves in April 2020. It was subsequently followed by his sophomore single Can’t Say in June and the release of his cover single, 9Crimes in August 2020. His November 2020 release of Eye of the Storm finds Malin’s sound at its most nuanced.

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November 20, 2020 8:00am ET by A&R Factory  

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