Brisbane Rap artist NA$A offers hypnotic hooks and displaced faith with their latest track O.G

featuring TheBroMal


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O.G, which is due for official release on November 20th, 2020, is the third track to drop from Auckland-born, Brisbane-based Rap artist NA$A. The introspective-deep track explores the dynamics of faith in a way which surpasses religious connotations and delves deep into the frameworks of morality we find ourselves navigating daily.

O.G. is set to follow on from NA$A’s debut single $aturn which was released on February 14th. For their hottest drop yet, they teamed up with TheBroMal to offer gospel to the impious and melodic Old School grooves to anyone who finds salvation in atmospheric Hip Hop.

The laidback Trap beats leave plenty room for the Rap verses to dominate as they pull you right back to the simplicity of adolescence while reminding you that you don’t need a book to guide you and spoon-feed you morality.

NA$A said:
“O.G” (which means, I swear to God’) addresses the need for clear thinking while also acting as a throwback to the hood days, speaking on all the different trials and tribulations that we have been through to get to a better mindset in life.”

Amelia Vandergast at A&R Factory said:
The lyrical intent is just as sweet as the imploring tones in NA$A’s temperately melodic track, O.G, it stands as a testament to the fact that saints and sinners share the same form while laying down reverent rhythms which will lead you to the godliness of mindfulness.

About the artist:

NA$A’s passion for Hip Hop first manifested in 2010. As a 15-year-old high school drop out in South Auckland, he lived the life many artists only rap about. Through his music, which he fully committed to making in 2014, he extrapolates the glamour from the thug-life personality which all too many artists are keen to adopt. After finding his signature melodic style following a relocation to Brisbane, NA$A has become renowned for their ability to infuse their inspirational wisdom into resonant verses which flow with the smooth grind of their soulfully hazy 808s.


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