UK duo Suris have released their ethereal psych-rock album, ‘Bonehouse’


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UK-based artist Suris has released their lockdown-born alt psych-rock album, Bonehouse. Each of the ten singles is a unique amalgamation of psych, progressive rock, jazz fusion and folk that operates on a celestial level under the Suris’ otherworldly avant-garde direction.

Track 1, ‘Argus’, is a chorally ethereal introduction to the album that evades familiar horizons and ventures to unsettling new ground by experimenting with atmospheric, archaic and hypnotic textures. ‘To Be Known’ showcases tribal rhythm with visceral alt-folk vocals that carry the air of unapologetically bold artists such as Kate Bush, while tracks such as ‘Wanted’ and ‘Eclipse’ unravel as the pinnacle of atmospheric rock. Ballad fans will find plenty of emotion in Stir and Found, and the LP ends with the hypnotic score, Fret, which concludes with an arresting classical string solo, courtesy of Steve Bingham.

Bonehouse was recorded, mixed and mastered in Bonehouse’s home studio; it’s officially released on April 29th, 2021.

Suris said:

“This collection has come together over the last 15 months. The songs travel through themes of escape, rescue, refuge, identity and legacy. However challenging these experiences are, they are fleeting, and it is important to us that they are hopeful.”

Amelia Vandergast at A&R Factory said:

Bonehouse is one of those stunningly rare releases with the ability to take off the weight that you never knew you were carrying.

With the strident emotion in the instrumentals amplified by Lindsey Mackie’s art-pop vocals, Suris has brought forth an indulgent cathartic aural escape with Bonehouse.


Suris is a husband and wife duo consisting of Lindsey Mackie (vocals, piano & keyboards) and David Mackie (guitars, bass & drums). When they first met, they were in different projects. In the early years of their marriage, they also married their styles. They found inspiration for their sound from Talking Heads, King Crimson and Japan.

They released their debut album, Plaques & Tangles, in 2012; their sophomore release, Leap, came three years later. Their most recent release, Bonehouse, is their most eclectic release to date as it follows on from their time spent in lockdown, experimenting with their already alchemic pretence-less expression which has previously gained the attention of Sky when Lindsey won a Sky sponsored talent show for her song ‘Never Enough.

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