Consider your legacy with Zpextre’s cosmonautical indie psych track, ‘Save it for the Kids’


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For his latest single, Save it for the Kids, the psychedelically-inclined alt-rock artist Zpextre teamed up with Hollywood’s renowned producer Kool Kojak to create a horizon-broadening synth-driven earworm that grooves as much as it inspires.

With indie post-punk guitar notes blending into the reverb-swathed kaleidoscopic synth lines, Zpextre’s distorted vocals fall into a trippy danceable soundscape that resonates as the pinnacle of alt-indie.

Save it for the Kids is the ultimate playlist staple for fans of the Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix, Kasabian, and The Strokes.


As a child, I would sit at the piano and plunk out notes but never had the opportunity to take lessons. We couldn't afford it. I'd just make things up myself. In college, I sang in the choir, joined a band, playing in venues next to Beck and Ben Harper; I would play any instrument that would come into my possession. I could never read music very well, but I could make most instruments sound ok. I would play Avant-Garde violin or clarinet at art shows and thought that someday I would write experimental compositions like John Cage or Charles Ives.

As I got older, I became magnetized to the comforts of just buggin' out to tonal music on the guitar. I take influence from Phillip Glass, The Clash, Genesis, and any artist with the capacity to make music that resonates or allows the listener to find answers to problems we all face as part of the human experience.

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June 22, 2021 12:37pm ET by A&R Factory  

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