Find the beauty in connection and belonging in ISSAMWERA's Afro-Fusion single, Issamwera


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Icelandic Afro-Fusion collective, ISSAMWERA, is fresh from the release of their vibrantly riotous single, Issamwera (Welcome). With euphoria and soul entwining in the funk-riled afrobeat hit, it’s powerful enough to take you back to your respective roots and remind you that polarity is a modern disease.

Through the tribal non-lexical backing vocals, organically timbered percussion and ethereal notes from the electric flutes wrapping around the effortlessly outreaching lead vocals, Issamwera sun-bleaches daily trivialities while reflecting the strength and importance of unity.

For fans of Retro Stefson, TC & The Groove Family, and Total Hip Replacement.


“Our song, Issamwera, which means welcome, is about unity, how much at ease we get when we know we are in a place where we belong, the beauty of belonging, the beauty of connection, and the beauty of finally having everything flow effortlessly.”

Amelia Vandergast, Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“I’m pretty sure I experienced every emotion on the human spectrum through Issamwera. The soul-stirring percussion, stridently radiant vocal warmth and the jazzy off-kilter way the Afrobeat single unfolds is enough to give you a dizzying oxytocin rush.”


ISSAMWERA was conceived by the Mozambican-born Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Yara in 2013. Before creating original material in her home studio, she started to feel screams of rhythm, amplified by homesickness. After meeting Andres, Cheik, Kwami, Ellert, and Ingo, who spiced up her sound with African and Latin vibes, her sound started to push the envelope and charter new afro territory.

In the current line-up, ISSAMWERA consists of Yara (drums, songwriting), Sunna (vocals, flute), Ellert (keys), Ingó (guitar) and Kwami and Cheik on percussion.

ISSAMWERA made their debut in 2021, followed by the singles, Issamwera, Mini Saia, Funk You, Sorte (Luck), and You let me know in the first half of 2022.

After three years of refining their sound, they’re set to make their stage debut in Iceland on July 28th.

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May 27, 2022 9:08am ET by A&R Factory  


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