THISMINORITY became the epitome of mindfully elevated hip hop with his debut, MEDI


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New Orleans-born and Brooklyn-based, LA-hailing hip hop artist, THISMINORITY, made his unmissably lyrical debut with the drop of ‘MEDI’ on May 27th. His mindfully spiritual energy practically created a new elevated sub-genre for fans who want fire in the beats and new age introspection in the dynamic rap bars.

To create a means of connection and encourage people to lean into themselves and not get lost in the world, THISMINORITY brought the soul right into the convectively atmospheric track, which pays odes to the roots before uprooting them through the modernist grit in the meditative vignette.

MEDI was recorded in New Orleans, LA, by Casada Jones, produced by Scorpio Prodz, and mixed & mastered by Firstclass Rossy.


“Medi is a reflection on my newfound passion for mass connection and how entertainment, fame, etc. come with it. Exploring the concept triggered the epiphany that the things that we need to feel good can destroy us in excess.

“Satisfaction, confidence, and love can ultimately lead to greed, ego and lust. How do I balance? I meditate…”

Amelia Vandergast, the Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“An artist who can make you feel as much as they can make you think with their melodic stormer of a debut? THISMINORITY is obviously one to watch.”


Feeling a lack of fulfillment after majoring in accounting and graduating college with a CPA and MBA, the New Orleans-born and Brooklyn-based, LA artist found interest in inspirational speaking. To improve his public speaking, he ventured into a slam poetry event where he discovered the poet ICon, who inspired him to look at life from different perspectives and develop his ability to eloquently spill ink.

After changing the narrative of his story by recognising the strength of those around him instead of letting trauma continue to encompass him, he found the power in connection and turned his poetry into music. Inspired by the likes of Schoolboy q, Goobiee, Landlady, Overcoats, Ray Charles, El Michels Affair, Funky notes, Billie Eilish, Noname, Tom Waits and Run The Jewels.

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July 4, 2022 9:33am ET by A&R Factory  


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