Gemïny has unveiled his full-tilt soul-pop boogie, Hesitation


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After the phenomenal reception from his sophomore single, Too Close, the Columbia, USA-hailing soul-pop luminary, Gemïny, has released the third single, Hesitation, from his forthcoming debut LP.

The colourfully melodic indie-rock-goes-funk-pop instrumentals set the tone for wanton hedonism as Gemïny dynamically delivers the lyrics that will make you think twice about going balls to the wall. Literally.

While giving the listener a view into the depths of destruction we will go to when fired up by lust, Gemïny brings rockstar magnetism to the mix, exhibiting a far more visceral side than we’ve heard before. Notably, versatility is just another one of his strong suits.

Gemïny said:

“After the heavier content in my previous two releases, with Hesitation, I used a lighter narrative. It speaks to everyone that has done crazy things for a crush (if you haven’t, please keep it to yourself, the thought helps me sleep at night).

It draws from when I uncharacteristically got into a fight at a house party over a girl. I’m extremely prideful, but there I was, a 12-shots-in freshman, breaking walls and smashing tables. A bad look overall, but it encapsulates the essence of hesitation. The juvenile way you impress a crush in grade school; that conflicting mix of excitement and fear that reeks of teen spirit.?

Amelia Vandergast, Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“Around the snapping beats, the kaleidoscopic glow of the delayed guitars, and funk basslines that amplify the amorous energy, Gemïny’s soulfully forceful vocals drive the single forward through its myriad of expressive progressions."


Gemïny is a North Carolina-born, Columbia-based alt-pop artist that began his music career studying music composition at the University of South Carolina. After a physically abusive relationship, his motivation as an artist transformed beyond his passion for music and inclination for expression. He raised money for mental health organisations and played with cover bands at benefit concerts before turning his attention to recording his music which is an extension of his mental health advocation.

After his debut single, Too Close, his sophomore single, Avalanche, was released on June 8th. On the heels of this successful release that has already racked up over 50k streams on SoundCloud,, he unveiled his third single, Hesitation, on July 27th.

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August 11, 2022 5:20am ET by A&R Factory  


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