Mysticism, funk and soul converge in the unshackling debut single, The Free Ones

from UK artist I, Harappan


A&R Factory

The up-and-coming independent artist, I, Harappan, built his debut single, The Free Ones, on a foundation of mysticism and funk, with elements of Britpop, folk and soul nestled between the transcendently uplifting layers.

The London & Cardiff residing artist, without any formal music training, produced the artfully enlivening single based on his innately attuned relationship to music before The Free Ones, in all its unshackling disco pop glory, was mixed and mastered by Blake Eiseman (Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Jay Z).

The Free Ones is the first single to be released from I, Harappan’s upcoming album, which is set to offer a series of snapshots of the alternative artist’s consciousness, which leans heavily on the otherworldly, but is rooted in enough realism to take you along for the ride.

I, Harappan said:

“A long ago, in the forgotten city of Harappa, in the land of river and stone, there was a child forged of bronze. The tribe of the Unicorn lived amidst the broken and beautiful Himalayas, birthing fortress worlds of twisted screens and dead white light; though lost to time, their stories live on.

Free Ones is the first release from my debut album, “The Harappan & The Devil”, an uplifting cosmic pop experience about never giving up, inspired by ancient mysticism, Tolkien & Diana Ross.”

Amelia Vandergast, Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

"While so many artists in their outset are desperate to fit the mould, I, Harappan is starting a revolution of soul with his scintillatingly beguiling charisma, which will make you one of the free ones from the first hit of his emancipatingly pure vocal harmonies."


I grew up in Wales in a working-class family, always drawn to the power of music for escapism and wonder. I knew I wanted to make music, but I also knew I couldn't read or write it. After several stints in the music industry working with smaller labels that wouldn't support my material and pushed me to do generic, boring barely-bops, I decided to take control of my destiny.

With the help of my ancestors, I taught myself how to compose; it is here I find myself today with a catalogue of work I cannot wait to show the world! The Free Ones is just the beginning!

Source A&R Factory

September 28, 2022 6:26am ET by A&R Factory  


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