Pop-Punk's Fiercest Lyricist, Juliette Irons, Advocated for the Heartbroken in her Latest Anthem



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The luminary LA singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and dancer, Juliette Irons, advocated for the heartbroken in her punchy pop-punk anthem, Skydive. It leaves no genre off the table as it pulls hip-hop beats and demure rap bars into the pop hooks around the melodic rock guitars.

The official music video that exhibits Irons’ absorbing performative presence will premiere on November 18th as the first installation of a two-part story, which will end when her single and music video, The Fear of Flying premieres.

Deeply metaphorical lyrical messages remain a constant in the cutting wit of her music. Through Skydive, she delved deep into the imagery that illustrated the depths of depression and anxiety that unceremonious departures take us to before picking her listeners up again with her empowered optimism.

Juliette Irons said:

“Skydive was inspired by the confusion that comes from whirlwind heartbreak. I had just come out of a brief rollercoaster situation-ship that ended abruptly without much explanation. I felt like I had been thrown from a moving plane, woke up on the ground, and I was the only one who jumped.

I had given everything to this person, only to end up a shell of myself as I picked up the pieces. I hope this song can help other people going through a similar ungrounding shock to the system, and we can be empowered through it together.”

Amelia Vandergast, Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“No heartbreak can survive the flood of dopamine that surges from Skydive. The rap verses are the vindicating cherry on the pop-punk cake which tastes like 00s nostalgia, but Juliette Irons always brings her own signature emboldening flavour to the mix.”


Originally from Toronto, Canada, I moved to LA at 18 to pursue a career in dance and music. I picked up a violin at four and started playing the piano a few years after, and I have always had a deep love of singing.

In high school, I started to doubt myself, so I started putting many hours a night into my dance training, which I also fell in love with. As soon as I moved to LA, I bought my first guitar and started writing songs behind the scenes of my dance career. When I couldn't hold back any longer and started writing and going to open mics.

After achieving some pretty exciting dream jobs as a dancer and choreographer, it never filled my soul the way music does. Eventually, I followed my calling, which took me to Iceland to shoot a music video for my first single, Lighthouse. It was the best experience of my life.

Since then, I have never looked back. I knew being a solo artist and directing everything on my own was what I was meant to do. During the pandemic, I started producing all my music; after learning from YouTube and working with the amazing producer 9 Theory for three years. I now have 20+ tracks on the way, set to release in 2023, with a goal of opening for an artist on tour and releasing many more cinematic music videos.

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November 18, 2022 12:16pm ET by A&R Factory  

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