Tunde 2deep came in hot in his Afrobeat EDM hit, SUCCESS FEVER


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Tunde 2deep stood at the vanguard of Afrobeat EDM innovation with his seminal single, SUCCESS FEVER, which has been taking the airwaves by high-vibe storm since its debut.

Having already clocked up over 77k streams on Spotify, the intoxicating amalgam of Afrobeat, RnB and EDM four-to-the-floor beats is set to become the Afrobeat anthem of the summer.

However you measure success, no hit will leave you feeling higher while you’re on the grind than this candid release, which verses on the highs and lows of striving for greatness. With motivational mantras against the accounts of darkness, Tunde 2deep knew just how to inspire his fanbase to put the pedal to the productive metal.

Tunde 2deep said:

“Afro-EDM has been gaining popularity in recent years; the hype inspired me to blend traditional African rhythms and instruments with electronic dance music. Success Fever is a high-energy track that celebrates achievements. I fully believe that greatness exists within us all; you just have to know how to unlock it; I hope this single is the key for my listeners.”

Amelia Vandergast, the Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“With his infectious personality, capacity to make dark lyrical lines anthemic and ability to stand at the forefront of the freshly emerged Afrobeat EDM genre, consider Tunde 2deep a triple threat. Regardless of the mood SUCCESS FEVER catches you in, it will be brighter once the entrancingly sun-slicked earworm has had its intrinsically rhythmic way with you.”


Tunde 2deep is a Nigeria-born, Cape Town-based RnB innovator who made his debut in 2018 with the single, Afro Woman, created in collaboration with Black Magic.

The Afrofusion Singer, Songwriter, model and Producer (SAIKUO BEATS) coined his style by blending intriguing African, Dancehall and reggae riddim elements with commercial pop music.
Inspired by the likes of Late Fela and Bob Marley, he created a seamless blend of Afro and Reggae music to flood the industry with a new wave of ingenuity.

In 2022, he picked up the pace in the recording studio by dropping three singles, which came to seal his fate as one of the freshest acts on the RnB and Afrobeat scenes, respectively.
Following the release of SUCCESS FEVER, Tunde 2deep will be touring with his exhilarating live sets with a special performance prepared for his London billing.

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June 5, 2023 2:26pm ET by A&R Factory  


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