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Arctic Monkeys ready to shake up the charts

Indie rockers Arctic Monkeys are ready to "turn the charts upside down" with their new album 'Suck It And See'. 

The band will release the new record on June 6 and frontman Alex Turner told the NME that it's about time some grass roots 'guitar music' had an impact on the ever-changing industry:

"Everyone thinks that the next big thing has got to sound really modern and new, but to get something that sounds fresh, it can just be three kids with guitars and not a lot else."

"There’s enough username-and-password music already, know what I mean? I hope it does happen again, though."

Speaking about the influx of new singer-songwriters and the way music can now be released independently through the internet, Turned admitted it would be great if the time has come for a sound like the Arctic Monkeys' to seem fresh again:

"It's just a time and a place, but yeah, I'd love for a band to come through and turn the charts upside down for a couple of weeks."

Watch Turner discuss his contributions to the soundtrack of the recent movie, 'Submarine', here: