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Baltimore rapper Tmcthedon ignites the next chapter of his artistry with new single “Butterflies,” his debut release via his label partnership with Asylum Records. Produced by Ran Beats, “Butterflies” showcases Tmc’s melodic flow as he coasts over a guitar-laden beat highlighted by 808s and snares. The slow-burning soundscape underscores an infectious hook as he professes his love and emotions in the best way he knows.

"'Butterflies' is basically a song to reflect my feelings and the damage that has been done to me," says Tmcthedon. "I made 'Butterflies' to let people know you never know what's going on behind closed doors and you don't really see the hurt that people carry with them.” Stream "Butterflies" here:

Tmcthedon catapulted to popularity in 2021 with his breakout track “Hellcat” which garnered over 200 million TikTok views, 3 million streams across streaming platforms and 2.8 million YouTube views to date. His full-length project arrives later this year.


Tmcthedon's voice is a glimmering gleam permeated with heart, soul, and hustle—often used as an unfiltered reflection of pain, growth, and journey through young adulthood. Globally recognized for his viral single "Hellcat," he aims to be a worldwide phenomenon with a firm presence and a clear vision.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Tmcthedon beat the toughest of odds by exercising his raw emotion into every verse and hook. Growing up he witnessed his father and siblings take on music as a career so, to no surprise, he gravitated to music at a young age, penning his ideas at each chance he could get. Despite getting into music at an early age, TMC doesn't credit his knack for creating diverse music to any single artist, but rather a combination of genres and sounds that shaped him growing up. "When I was younger my father and a couple other male figures were into music when I was growing up, so I fell in love with music at a young age, I recorded my first song when I was in the 7th grade and from there, I knew I had a gift," he emphasizes.

TMC burst onto the scene with his debut single "Better Man," a song that subsequently amassed thousands of plays upon release and laid the foundation for his later offerings. Throughout 2019, Tmcthedon has continued to touch fans with his first full-length mixtape Sincerely the Don. Take songs "PLT" featuring Breezy and "Hellcat," which encapsulate his greatest strengths and dynamic cadence on deeper cuts. The following year, he unveiled projects such as For The Fans and Art of a Don, which heralds songs like "Foreign" and "Yeah X6"—some of Tmc's most inventive hip-hop records of that year.

Tmcthedon is perhaps the most versatile, multifaceted rap act to come from Maryland in years. He often cites his upbringing and role in the church choir for his ability to bring old-school blues and soul to the modern era of hip-hop and rap. "I came up living with my grandmother so church on Sundays was a priority," Tmc shares. "I love instruments so one of the best parts was praise and worship and after spectating for a minute, I ended up playing the drums for the church.”

2020's rapid ascension into viral triumph paved the way for Tmc's five-track project Off the Moon. He quickly followed up with a string of singles including "Classy," "Turn It Up," and "Yea." One of his strongest records to date, "Hellcat," shot into popularity nearly two years after its release with over 200 million TikTok views, a whopping three million streams across streaming platforms, and 2.8 million YouTube views to date. 2022 sees Tmcthedon returning to and refining the pain music that’s made him one of the most affecting storytellers across Baltimore's music landscape. He encompasses affliction, childhood trauma, and romantic heartbreak as much as he does his rise to stardom, becoming an undeniable voice for the youth, and putting on for his close friends and family.

March 11, 2022 10:44am ET by Asylum Records  


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