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Avril Lavigne is 'anxious' to release new album

After a considerable break from releasing studio material, the light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching for Avril Lavigne and her fourth album, which is set for a March 2011 release. 

'Goodbye Lullabye' has been finished for over a year but will finally be made available to her fans next year after record label complications set the date back. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lavigne opened up about the effect her long break has had on her as a musician:

"I’ve been really anxious just to get back out there and to sing and to tour, so I know that the fans were all really waiting, being super supportive, and I really appreciate that,"

"You know a lot of people run into complications with their record companies sometimes where they have their vision, but I’ve always had my own vision for my music and I put my foot down, and you know, had to be strong about that, and overall I made the record that I wanted to make, so I’m very happy with it and very excited to finally be putting it out."

Listen to an exclusive clip of her forthcoming single, 'What The Hell', here: