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Avril Lavigne teases next single details

Canadian songstress Avril Lavigne has promised her next single will be "loud and impressive".

The 28-year-old singer is unleashing the track 'Here's To Never Growing Up' as the first single from her upcoming new album.

Speaking to 4 Music Lavigne revealed the next single off her album will astound fans: "I think probably a song called 'Rock and Roll'. To me... it's rock and roll, it's a way of life - it's a fashion, it's a spirit and it's also very similar to the first single. You know, the rock and roll spirit like, 'WOOOO!' and going all out.

She added: "And it's LOUD, impressive and it stands for so many other things than just music - that's really what it comes down to - and it's a song that I'm just putting the final touches to now. I wish I could tell you more about it, but you'll have to wait."

Lavigne also teased whether or not the album will feature any other collaborations.

She hesitated: "Umm… that one, which is why I can't say anything yet - we're in the process of making that happen.

"It's not confirmed! I'm trying to do something right now. Like, I've been in the studio for the past four days working and I can't really say anything until it's done."





Watch the video for 'Here's To Never Growing Up' below: