Turkish producer GURU releases debut single ‘I’

Crouching tiger. The warrior prepares himself for the challenges ahead. Concealing the hidden strength under a mask of tranquility.


AWJ Recordings

The beat strides in setting a quick tempo ready for the dance floor. Pump your fists in the air as the dynamic and fierce synths take over. The cold, hard determination builds in strength. A wave of bright air clashes with this coldness. We drop into a light, atmospheric break. The energy rises once more, this time bigger and bolder. The vigorous, upbeat tune gets you jumping and living in the moment. Sound filling every available space. This excitement is contagious!

“'I' is the 130 BPM Trance track which has Psy-Trance hints and colourful vocals,” says GURU.

“I was experimenting with synthesised vocals and, in a short period of time, it all came along.”

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AWJ Recordings was created with the vision to help new and upcoming artists get their music out to the world. The founder himself, being a musician, knew of the difficulties which independent artists face when trying to grow in the music industry. He took to learning the process in how a song goes from being produced in the studio through to marketing and to the ears of the public.

June 6, 2019 6:36am ET by AWJ Recordings  

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