Rowdy Superstar will be launching his next single 'Never Let Go' upstairs at the Garage on 20th June 2012. 'Never Let Go' is the next single off Rowdy's forthcoming album 'bATTERY' which is due out this August on Accidental Records.

Support will come from Crewdson and ATLAS. For More Information -

Rowdy's music embodies the ethos of early hip-hop, punk and 90's pop to concoct arrestingly bold songs, wily structures and melodic top lines. After uploading a collection of demos called Avoid Lines, down tempo hip-pop track 'Tick Tock' and its art house video directed by Ollie Evans (The Gossip, Noisettes, The Klaxons) brought attention online, leading to collaborations with Patrick Wolf, Micachu and a feature with Zero 7. Rowdy continues to build a reputation on the underground in London for his riotous live performance art with dance duo The Hype Girls (Di and Fresh).

‘Battery' is a call to arms and sees Rowdy speak not just about the concerns and issues of his own life, but the challenges facing a whole generation. There is humor and moments of great lightness spread throughout the album, but there is also darkness, frustration and rage at the waste of a generation addicted to mediating itself through pervasive technology.

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