WILL DUTTA + PLAID ***Live at Southbank*** Amateur Best (Primary 1) Free Download

"One of the most deeply rejuvenating musical experiences we've come across." - Vice

“Distance is a mesmerising collaboration with long-standing electronic luminaries Plaid, is a great example of Dutta's ability to marry compositional depth and sonic ambition with Electronica's established tones and timbres.” - Mercury Prize Recommends

Just Music and Chimera Productions present the launch of Will Dutta's debut album, 'Parergon' on 20th June at the Southbank Centre. Collaborators Plaid and Max de Warner will provide support prior to Will's performance.

A free download of this remix from Amatuer Best (formerly Primary 1!) is available now as a free download.

Will Dutta - Suprachiasmatic (Amateur Best Remix)

A prolific, protean atom, forever darting between the most interesting places in the contemporary music universe, pianist Will Dutta may not yet be out of his twenties, but he can already boast a bulging résumé embracing everything from Russian conservatoire residences to stellar electronic DJ collaborations and fearlessly innovative, yet always accessible performance and record productions. His name should already be as familiar to readers of The Wire as it is to denizens of the classical concert hall circuit.

Dutta’s debut album, 'Parergon', is due to be released by Just Music 28th May 2012. Named after a term coined by philosopher Emmanuel Kant (meaning ‘that which is outside the work’) and worried over by French postmodernist Jacques Derrida in his text, 'The Truth In Painting', it finds Dutta in blissful synergy with a Steinway & Sons Model D piano, his by turns liquid and dextrously angular playing the centre of a shifting, shimmering electronic soundscape provided by collaborators, composers Max de Wardener, John Matthias and Neil Grant along with the aforementioned Plaid duo.
Beautiful, playful and at times dissonant, 'Parergon' is also unashamedly cerebral: a trio of wonderfully translucent, pulsing tracks named ‘Suprachiasmatic’ (‘Alpha’, ‘Beta’ and ‘Gamma’) were created using spiking neuronal compositional technology developed by John Mathias (the suprachiasmatic nucleus being an area of the brain responsible for the body clock) and ought to appeal to fans of Autechre and Brian Eno’s ambient works. In contrast, the closing Avril 14th is an all-too brief, stately piano solo whose intimate mellifluousness rivals anything by current ‘post-classical’ keyboard darlings Nils Frahm, Hauschka or Olafur Arnalds.

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