Andreas Stone Releases *For Violet*

For Violet Was Written By Andreas Stone Himself Together With Ricky Hanley

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For Violet was written by Andreas Stone himself together with Ricky Hanley.

The same dynamic duo that wrote Andreas’s single ”Never Got To Say Goodbye”. Andreas & Ricky have been close friends for many years and have shared a lot of success together.

When asking Andreas about writing with Ricky he answered: Ricky is like a brother to me and we have always tried our best to write songs that speaks from the heart.

With that in mind, it has always been easy to write together with Ricky. It has always felt very natural.

For Violet has a story of its own... Just like "Never Got To Say Goodbye" was written when Ricky’s father passed away. For Violet was written when Ricky’s mother Violet passed away.

Andreas says: "I can’t think of something harder to write about than this. It’s such a big responsibility that leaves you humbled. But then on the other hand, no matter how hard it was, what could be more important than to express the love that we feel for our loved ones. We all have someone that we love!"


To date, music written/produced by Andreas has sold more than 26 million physical copies, worldwide, and has streamed more than 400 million times in total.

He’s had more than 42 official Japanese (Oricon) or Korean (Gaon) number 1’s and another 10 number 2’s to his name. Many of these songs have also topped the ”billboard world album chart”, as well as iTunes Charts in various countries.

Some of his biggest Asian accomplishments to date include, the A-side single ”Calling” for Arashi (Selling an astonishing 900.000 units, the single alone, and another 1.000.000 units included on an album.), A-Side Christmas single ”Miracles In December” for EXO (Selling more than 750.000 units), 3 A-Side singles for Kat-Tun and and about 20 other singles for other big Asian acts.

He’s been awarded with several Japanese Grammy’s, been honored with numerous Gold Disc Awards in different categories. Furthermore, Andreas has also had number 1’s in Sweden / Spain / Polen / Norway / Czech / Denmark, to name a few.

February 5, 2020 3:31am ET by Yellow Rhinestone Records  

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