LINCOLN, UK — DiMaggio Jones' Releases A 10 Track Album Titled “Lonely Boys Mixtape"

Preceded By The Singles “Spanish Air”, “I Had No Idea” And “Vicious Black”, The Band's First Body Of Work Highlights Their Retro 80’s Aesthetic Modernised With Electronic And Indie Influences, Paying Homage To A Much Missed Era Of Music


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LINCOLN, UK — DiMaggio Jones's debut EP “Lonely Boys Mixtape" already is receiving airplay around the world. Preceded by the singles “Spanish Air”, “I Had No Idea” and “Vicious Black”, the band's first body of work highlights their retro 80’s aesthetic modernised with electronic and indie influences, paying homage to a much missed era of music defined by stadium sweeping choruses, soaring vocals, signature guitar solos, and foot tapping melodies you can’t help but groove to.

Embodying the new age of the internet’s role in modern music, the band members all met online and formed DiMaggio Jones through their love of their craft and musical influences. Spanning across Sheffield, Lincoln, Nottingham and Birmingham, Joseph F (Vocals), Joseph D (Producer/Guitarist), Edward (Bass), Hugh (Drums) and Ethan (Guitarist) have crafted a time-stamp of songs that personify the experiences of men in their early twenties; Songs “Spanish Air”, “T-Shirt” and “Ghosts” explore the chase and subsequent heartbreaks from relationships that weren’t meant to be, whilst “I Had No Idea” dives into the consequences of promiscuity. Personal moments come in the form of “Voices” which lays bare the members personal struggles with mental health, providing a stark contrast with tracks such as “In California” (an ode to travelling in search of substance and meaning) and “Dirty Hugs” - a moody, chilled take on drug experimentation. The band’s musical influences come through from David Bowie, The 1975, The Police, Daft Punk, Lady Gaga, Soft Cell, Justice, Blondie, Queen, The Weeknd, LANY, Duran Duran, creating a rich tapestry of sounds whilst putting their own unique DiMaggio Jones stamp on it.

Few debut EPs (or groups) have been met with such a warm reception. After two years of teasing singles and touring music venues around the UK, DiMaggio Jones have been praised by BBC Lincolnshire Introducing with multiple singles chosen as their ‘Song Of The Week’, filled in for the band Blossoms with a live set on BBC Radio 5 and become finalists in Jack Daniel’s and DIY’s Sound of Summer Live competition. The band has previously worked with industry heavyweights Billy Laurie, Nick Tauber and Darren Snape and have had their frontman compared to David Bowie and Freddie Mercury by BBC Lincolnshire Introducing. Once the coronavirus pandemic is over, the band have big plans to become the rising stars of the music scene with a nationwide tour and a string of festival appearances.



Lincolnshire and Yorkshire based four piece band Dimaggio Jones were formed in late 2016 by two friends. Joe Devlin from Lincoln, Lincolnshire and Joe Flynn from Sheffield, Yorkshire. The last two members Hugh Boyd and Ethan Holmes from Nottingham and Birmingham.

Their sound is a mixture of electronic indie dream pop mixed with a tropical vibe. The boys are multi-instrumentalists and like to change it up as much as they can.

Joe Devlin was working on a solo project when he came across Joe Flynn via a video on the net… He was perfect for the project JD reached out to JF this was the beginning of DiMaggio Jones. Later on after JD and JF had some time in the studio, Hugh and Ethan where brought in to complete the line-up.

JD has appeared in several films and TV shows including ‘ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS’ starring Johnny Depp, ‘The Lady in the Van’ starring Maggie Smith, Harry Potter, King Arthur, Black Mirror, Obsession October Films, ‘HEAD and SHOULDERS’ TV advert USA and UK.

The name DiMaggio Jones comes from JDs father’s band circa 70/80s when he was living in NYC. He took the name from Joe DiMaggio NY Yankees baseball player.

Dimaggio Jones first single ‘T SHIRT’ taken from their forthcoming album is released through Billberg Entertainment and is already attracting industry interest.

Their music combines the sounds of '80s radio pop, atmospheric synths and guitars and soaring vocals from JF.

Welcome to DiMaggio Jones.

May 29, 2020 2:10am ET by Yellow Rhinestone Records  

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