The British Rock Band Feral Ghost Releases Official Video Of The Single ‘Say It’s Not Too Late


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Ahead of their second studio album ‘Speed of Light’, some six years following their widely praised 2014 debut ‘A Gathering Storm’ 70s infused melodic rock outfit Feral Ghost have just landed their sparkling new single ‘Say It’s Not Too Late’.

Full of sharply defined soaring harmonies, deliciously tasty melodies and an infectious chorus that accompany hook-laden riffs, shiny keys upon a foundation of a rock-solid rhythm this is radio-friendly AOR of the highest bracket.

From the very first note this track draws in the listener with a caress that belies the infectious hook that is about to be dropped. This London-based six-piece, formed in 2012 by vocalist / guitarist Daniel Warwick, exhibit a high level of creative craftsmanship throughout the four minutes that is strong but at the same time doesn’t overload.

Through the heartfelt lyrics, that are given life by the well-balanced partnership of Warwick and fellow vocalist Chloe Hunter (also percussion), the song relates of how love can be lost if one hesitates at the critical juncture.

Layered upon infectious riffs and a high-flying solo carved out by guitarists Andy Watt and Warwick, diamondesque notes of Lisanne Otten keyboards and a solid rhythm provided by bassist Marino Donati and drummer Paul Castleman ensures the whole structure so very neatly dovetails.

Feral Ghost’s previous output has drawn comparisons with, amongst others, Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles and it’s hard not to ignore this.

This could be Lindsay Buckingham, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Christine McVie et al but to their credit Feral Ghost is no carbon-copy. Rather, an entity that has drawn inspiration from these quarters whilst ensuring their own direction shines brightly.

February 5, 2021 4:13am ET by Yellow Rhinestone Records  

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