Caroline Gustavsson Releases Her New Christmas Single “Christmas Lights”


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Swedish singer-songwriter Caroline Gustavsson releases her new holiday single, “Christmas Lights”. A feel good song about finding love and the joy of spending the holiday with the one you love.

“When I wrote “Christmas Lights”, my intention was to convey the cosy Christmas feeling 100% and to only spread warmth and joy. Originally this song was released in the movie “A Christmas Exchange”, which premiered in 2020. The response was so positive that I decided to release it myself and after a year of waiting, it’s finally time!”

Caroline is an artist, songwriter, musician and owner of the publishing company Minda Songs. She has been working as a professional songwriter since 2011, awarded with both gold & platinum for her works. Her songs have been performed by artist from around the world, like Asia, Europe and USA.

2018 Caroline released her debut single as an artist, called ”Breaking down my walls”. Her music is genuine and heartfelt, with thoughtful and poetic lyrics at the core. Her smooth yet distinctive voice gives character to her songs and is easily recognized.

“Christmas Lights”
Written by Caroline Gustavsson & Joakim Dalqvist
Produced by Joakim Dalqvist
Cover by Caroline Gustavsson


Caroline is a gold and multi platinum awarded songwriter/singer/vocal producer from Stockholm, Sweden. She’s been writing songs professionally since 2011 for various artists and projects.

Since then she’s been working successfully with songwriters and producers from all around the world and in 2016 she started her own publishing company, Minda Songs.

November 30, 2021 3:34am ET by Yellow Rhinestone Records  

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