UK Producer Arkeenia introducing a new studio work: Automatic Lover

Arkeenia is a production project that blurs the lines between a wide variety of influences; ranging from the punch of modern EDM, down to the interesting textures of trance and other styles.


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Arkeenia introducing a new studio work: Automatic Lover.

January 2022 - Arkeenia is a production project that blurs the lines between a wide variety of influences; ranging from the punch of modern EDM, down to the interesting textures of trance and other styles.
Arkeenia has just unveiled a new project, Automatic Lover, which is a great way for the group to kickstart the new year! The track stands out due to its sustained dynamic energy and ever-evolving sonic textures, which provide such a distinctive and one-of-a-kind approach to building layers and allowing different sounds to merge well and create soothing soundscapes, while still keeping a steady and energy-driven groove.

From the punch of modern electronica, down to the atmospheric soundscapes of trance, Arkeenia is always willing to keep an open mind and allow the music to stretch out in different directions, rather than being stuck in the usual patterns all the time.

Find out more about Arkeenia, and do not miss out on Automatic Lover, which is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services.


Ricky smith (ARKEENIA) an English music writer/producer has been writing electronic dance music since 1985 and had his first single released under the name NEW EGYPT in 1987 on a Belgium record label called clip records that was ran by jo bogart (TECHNOTRONIC) Ricky was part of a huge dance craze at the time called Belgium newbeat and featured on a couple of the main newbeat albums of that time .. in the late 80s and early 90s Ricky then became involved with the rave scene going to some of the biggest parties in the planet such as FANTAZIA/RAINDANCE/AMNESIA HOUSE he then started producing this music under the name OZ BEAT and was signed by a local label called FORMATION RECORDS after a couple of releases he met up with a dj from off the local fairground called Frankie Warwick they started making music together and formed the name the digital blondes there first release was called stars. And was signed to a London label called FLUID RECORDINGS the track done very well and was being supported by Annie nightingale on radio 1 and DJ Sasha There next release was called ANTHIUM and was a huge hit around the club scene It was then signed by JUDGE JULES for is label MANIFESTO RECORDS they were then doing remixes for all the big artists at the time CHICANE/JEREMY HEALY and many more Frank then left the digital blondes to do his own music projects leaving Ricky with the name the digital blonde. He was then signed in 1995 by John 00 Fleming’s label (JOOF RECORDINGS) the first 2 tracks he released turned into huge trance club tracks that are still called trance classics to this day ELECTRA & LEGATO he has been writing deep and banging trance ever since then and his now being supported by most of the biggest DJs on the scene His styles range from psy trance Deep trance. Prog trance. And powerful big room trance he has his own unique sound which has known as the blonde beat sound. He’s had dj gigs in a lot of country’s and done a lot of live sets to alongside John 00 Fleming under the name 00.DB Together they had 2 bestselling albums. Angels and demons and heaven and hell. Ricky has a solo artist under is digital blonde names has had over 50 releases including 3 number one albums in the beat port chart. These were THE WITCHES/ NEON / NEON 2 Neon 3 is planned for September 2021 but now he has created ARKEENIA Ricky has always had a passion for hi energy euro dance music and has always wanted to try and break into the commercial holiday pop scene So with the Arkeenia project he will be putting all his years’ experience into writing a mixture between euro dance. Pop with catchy lyrics old school samples and aiming for commercial success with plenty of ideas in the making for the future the first single daddy cool is a mixture very synthesised dance music with lots of little catchy hooks that he is hoping will break him into the mainstream scene and open the door for many more releases.

January 21, 2022 5:29am ET by Yellow Rhinestone Records  

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