Swedish Pop Phenomena Daniel Sonders has recently released a new project: "Need Somebody"

This new effort from the artist is remarkable and diverse


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Daniel Sonders has recently released a new project: "Need Somebody"

April 2023 - Daniel Sonders has recently unveiled the release of a new piece of music: "Need Somebody". This new effort from the artist is remarkable and diverse, especially because it highlights how Daniel can so seamlessly keep music interesting by exploring a very wide selection of ideas and influences. At the same time, the diverse sound is not diluted and incoherent at all. On the contrary, it feels like a very consistent and dynamic example of what the artist is really all about as a musician.

Listener who enjoy the sound of Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith should definitely connect with Daniel’s music. "Need Somebody" in particular, feels like it would be a great introduction to the artist’s far-reaching musical vision.

Find out more about Daniel Sonders’ music, and do not miss out on "Need Somebody". This release is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services.


Daniel Sonders was born on 12th of February, 1992 in Malmö, Sweden. He is a self taught musician, starting off in his early years picking up the guitar and singing 3 hours per day.
From a point of not much skill or talent but with sheer dedication grinding through failure after failure of mastering the arts until he found his own musical identity. Growing up as a normal kid trying to find his way in society it was adamant that music is his calling.

Going through Music School was a period Daniel learned more about himself but recognized that even the School system wasn't for him, even in the sense of Music. He dropped out of music school his last year and went his own way.

At The age of 27's Sonders's life changed drastically when he met his love (Kethy Leah) she is also a Latin Pop artist. Things unfolded and from then many doors opened and Daniel had the opportunity to work with some established Artist in the Swedish Top Pop Scene with the likes of such as ''Sir Duke'' ''Joy Deb'' ''Simon Erics'' ''Kezano''

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