Live In Color has announced a new single: “By the Ocean”

Live In Color is a band with a focus on creating original music that combines the catchy hooks of pop and the energy of rock.


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By the Ocean is about the love of the sea. It is about the fine ambiguity of the big blue, which can be so ferocious and untameable but at the same time so beautiful, calm and peaceful. The deeper meaning of the song is that the sea can be a place of refuge, safety and a light far away from the horrors that happen on land by man and the song is a tribute to and reminder that there will always be something bigger and stronger than the unjust and horrible thoughts and wills that exist on land. At, on and for the sea we are all equal, it does not care about money, appearance, sexuality, religion or politics and is not judgmental. In a time where one stupidity succeeds another, the sea is a mental security to fall back on, to just look out at the horizon and feel that there are nice and positive things in the world too, as long as you choose to turn your gaze in the right direction. The sea has always been an important place for us in the band and it feels good to have been able to write a song that highlights everything it symbolizes for us, especially in a time when it is understandable if many people see darkness.


Live In Color is a Swedish pop/rock band from the city Jönköping, formed in 2018. Before this they went under the name Australian Sunrise. The band consists of the three brothers Jesper, Anton and Linus, Tim and Melker, and the best way to describe their music is ADVENTURE! The sound is happy, emotional and dreamy and delivers these feelings through playful guitars, catchy drumbeats, intense bass rhythms and existential lyrics.
Their first album "One World" was released in 2019 and two singles followed the same year, "You" and "Catch the Feeling". The latter was the official track for the European universities rowing championships. After releasing one album and two singles in one year they decided to experiment a bit with the sound in the creation of their two new songs, "Stay" and "Time", which were released in 2021.
In 2023 they were once again back with new songs. First out was A Better Me which got international attention, not least for receiving airplays on BBC1 Extra as well as helping the band get nominated for the Hollywood Independent Music Awards.

May 23, 2024 9:30am ET by Yellow Rhinestone Records  

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