Elan Suave Releases Uplifting New Single: "Faith"


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(NEW YORK, NY) The clock is ticking away on 2021 and 17-year-old phenom recording artist Elan Suave is bringing in 2022 with a new certified banger released today titled “Faith”, another top notch track in his expanding catalog of music.

The gifted rapper from the Bronx caps off an extremely proficient 2021 having already dropped a set of EP’s and a string of singles that have garnered him significant support across the major streaming platforms, most notably he has amassed almost 950,000 streams across 160 countries on Spotify this year. This high level of consistency is fast becoming the trademark of Elan with the support of his label Bam Bam Productions.

That leads us to Elan’s final track of 2021 and in that, the concept of “Faith” touches on a person having ultimate confidence in themselves or something. It’s an impactful song that is a testament to self affirmation and Elan’s lyricism conveys that theme masterfully as he expresses his confidence in himself, his abilities and boundless potential despite obstacles. Essentially, Elan is finishing the year declaring his confidence in himself.

The messaging in “Faith” is extremely relatable no matter what your age group or demographic is as we all have something we fall back on to get us through times of adversity whether it’s reassuring things we tell ourselves or boosters from others.

On the “Faith” project Elan teamed up with a trio of talented producers Wayv, Na2ka and Virtual and their collaborative efforts captured the signature sound of a typical Elan Suave track to perfection….it features the ever present booming bassline, infectious melody and a resounding vocal delivery that astounds with Elan’s seamless transition between a rap and R&B style flow. The harmonics are first-rate and create a soundscape that’s brimming with mystique.

The instrumentation also contains a grand piano melody and elements of a jazz-type wind instrument that really adds an extra dimension of appeal to “Faith”. With another smash of a single under his belt, Elan Suave is primed to crush 2022 and beyond with a tremendous skill set and immeasurable work ethic.

“Faith” is available on all streaming platforms (See Smartlink below). Make sure to stream it, playlist it and save it to your Favorites Library. Check it out for an uplifting listening experience.

Listen to “Faith”


Elan Suave (“Elan”) is a talented 17-years-old hip-hop artist from New York City. He entered the music business at age 14 and in three years independently released 38 songs and accumulated 6.5M streams independently across Spotify, Soundcloud, Audiomack, and Apple Music. His songs and videos have been placed in over 200 media and lifestyle outlets across the world: eg. radio stations like 102.3 WOW, Power 97 D, and Blaze 1 Radio; video outlets such as BetJams, RevoltTV, and Tempo Network; in-store media for Footlocker (USA), Storeplay (Australia), and Mood Media (Netherland); and blogs and magazines such as Elevator Mag, Music Connection, and Skope Magazine. Elan also appeared in the “artists to watch” section of XXL Magazine’s July 2021 Freshmen issue.

Elan’s music has been added to thousands of playlists on Spotify, the streaming platform where Elan and his team place most of their marketing efforts. As a result, 75% of Elan’s total streams have been on Spotify. Further, 25 of his songs have been added to Spotify’s algorithm playlists and 1, “Found Me”, his most popular song with over 1 million streams, was added to a Spotify Editorial playlist.

While pursuing his aspirations as an artist, Elan attended high school, Fordham Preparatory School in the Bronx, and graduated on June 15, 2021. He was accepted into Howard University, where he moved in as a freshman on August 6, 2021. In college, Elan intends to continue developing his musical talent and abilities while acquiring an education to assist him in the music business and to eventually achieve his goal of becoming a successful artist

December 31, 2021 8:34pm ET by Bam Bam Productions LLC  

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