Rising Artist Marysa Ada Shares New Amapiano EP Fumilayo

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Marysa Ada, the breaking Nigerian American artist based in Norfolk, Virginia, known for her positive and inspirational music, has released her new EP, Fumilayo. The EP is a vibrant celebration of love, joy and healing, reflecting Marysa's deep commitment to her craft and her community.

Named after her middle name, Fumilayo is a testament to Marysa Ada's creative spirit and her dedication to spreading positivity through her music. Drawing from her roots in conscious rap and hip-hop, Marysa Ada seamlessly blends various genres including Amapiano, Afrohouse and Afrobeats, creating a unique and uplifting listening experience.

At the heart of Fumilayo lies a message of unconditional love, inspired by Marysa's personal journey and her profound connection to her faith. Each track on the EP is infused with warmth and sincerity, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the music and experience the transformative power of love.

The EP’s focus track, “Platonic”, is a heartfelt ode to Marysa's unwavering love for a friend and life partner, while other highlights such as “Cure Love PTSD Pt 1” and “Sapiosex” showcase her versatility as an artist and her ability to captivate audiences with her infectious energy.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the EP, Marysa Ada shares, “Fumilayo means Give Me Joy in Yoruba. That’s my middle name. I pray these songs of love bring you joy, comfort and peace. Each song is about my unconditional love for an artist being transformed into a sound of what God’s love for us feels like. In the relationship, I loved someone with all my might through their post-traumatic stress disorder, and it revealed to me a sense of how God loves us unconditionally. These are feelgood tunes that you can dance to and reflect upon. The healing will come when you imagine the lyrics as if God was singing them to you. One love.”

Fumilayo is now available on all major streaming platforms and is the perfect soundtrack for the summer season. Join Marysa Ada on her musical journey and experience the joy and healing power of her music.

June 13, 2024 12:32pm ET by Best New Music  

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