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Emerging artist vinny olmstead, a fresh voice in the hip-hop and R&B scene hailing from the Detroit area, has just released his brand-new single, “chasing”. Known for his innovative approach and emotive storytelling, vinny is set to continue his rise in the music industry with this latest release.

Following the success of his debut EP, why would i change, which was released earlier this year, vinny is gearing up for a series of singles throughout the year, all leading to his highly anticipated album set to be released in late 2024. Drawing from a wide range of hip-hop and R&B influences, vinny’s music offers something for every kind of fan, blending modern sounds with unique, personal touches.

“chasing” stands out as a pensive, wistful and witty track, capturing listeners from the first note to the last. This melancholy yet captivating song delves into deep, introspective themes that resonate with the current social climate. Speaking about the new single, vinny olmstead shares, “This song is really about my feeling of hopelessness as it pertains to the world today and the fact that I feel the need to engage in riskier behaviour just to feel something anymore.”

On the creation process, vinny elaborates, “I found the beat by Noizy and was immediately inspired. Right away, I knew I wanted this to be a more conscious track than some of my other releases to this point. The song centres around the fact that we have so many overwhelming problems both in and out of our control in so many of our communities. It's hard to comprehend a solution to all or any of these problems. So, at this point, I've disengaged. Everyone is so divided and hateful on so many things I no longer even want to participate in this system or dialogue.”

vinny’s meticulous approach to crafting “chasing” included experimenting with vocal pitch, formant and distortion effects, particularly on the ad-lib and backing tracks, to give the song an extra unique flavour. He aimed for a versatile delivery, switching between R&B and rap throughout the track. For the mix, vinny focused on achieving a punchy sound in both the high and low ends while ensuring a balanced harmony among the vocals, drums and instruments, aligning with his overall taste in hip-hop and R&B music. “chasing” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms: https://vinnyolmstead.lnk.to/Chasing.

June 19, 2024 2:51pm ET by Best New Music  

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