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Beyoncé 'went out there and empowered her people'

Producer Mike Will Made It has revealed that Beyoncé is 'empowering her people' with the music she makes and the way she chooses to present herself

Chatting to Billboard recently, Mike Will explained that she evokes so much strength and pride with her music, which is something that's been missing in the industry for a while:

"She went out there and empowered her people. She’s telling our people to be proud of our wide nostrils -- something Michael Jackson was so ashamed of, he changed his face. She used ‘Formation’ to make people feel confident. That’s the best history to be a part of.”

He went onto add that there's a lot of debate around the line that separates hip-hop from other genres, and he gets really irritated when people suggest that the music he's producing doesn't fall within hip-hop:

“All I hear is ‘Yo, that shit you’re making ain’t hip-hop.' People told me that Miley’s ‘23’ wasn’t hip-hop. Let me tell you, she went in and owned that track. She smoked more weed in one week than most rappers I know. That song was not some far-fetched thing she had to reach for. She was ill as hell. When people question me about whether something is hip-hop, I ask them, ‘Does it sound hard? Does it hit home? Is it raw and real?’ If it is, I did my job. And you can call it whatever you want.”

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Watch Beyoncé's music video for 'Formation' below:


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