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Beyoncé opens up about married life

Beyoncé has revealed to ‘Cosmopolitan’ how she spent her downtime after coming off her recent ‘I Am…’ world tour.

"I did all these things I wanted to do that I don't have time for,” she explained. “I set up a production company, learned how to edit, did a bit of recording and directed a DVD.”

Mrs Jay-Z also said she liked having normal routine, adding, “What was great was having this normal life of sleeping, getting up, going to an office and then coming home. I even did some cooking, although I didn't really enjoy that. I'm not the greatest cook – I can do good things with oxtail, though. It was great just having the time to be a wife rather than this non-stop travelling career girl.”


Watch some behind the scenes footage of Beyoncé’s ‘I Am...’ tour here: