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"Pet Fangs has attitude that simply can't be bought or faked, and they deliver their music with a full conviction that many artists are never able to reach." - Anna Scholfield, Ones to Watch

"Sexy vocals and synthesized tunes" - Rachel Gilman, Popdust

"Imagine David Bowie crossed with Marcy Playground's 'Sex and Candy'" - Randy Radic, HuffPost

"Devilish pop spine, mixed with the dangerous allure of a full-blown solar eclipse" - Indie Shuffle

July 15, 2019 - Garage-pop band Pet Fangs are sharing the new single "Barbarella" from their forthcoming full-length album Ultra Deluxe out August 16. The track was recently featured in an episode of Freeform's show "Good Trouble."

With "Barbarella," Pet Fangs honor the ultimate badass Jane Fonda, offering up a summer jam that celebrates one of her early films.

Joe Stark of the band shares of the cultivation, "One of our favorite studios is Dockside Studio in Maurice LA. There's a TV above the console and we always put up some crazy old movie while we are working. I remember Jory our bass player put up 'Barbarella' starring Jane Fonda. It's a really wild film visually and when we got out of the session, I came home and wanted to try out my little 4-track cassette recorder. I had a fuzzy guitar sound and just played two notes in a fast strumming pattern. When I went to come up with lyrics - Barbarella was everything that came to mind."

Pet Fangs relish in lyrics that analyze and sometimes poke fun in clichés, comparable to the likes of Lonely Island or Chromeo, but also find space to declare their emotions in a way that "are simple yet powerful, and underscore the passion and honest talent that the band brings to their music" ( Ones to Watch).Musically the group play around with riffs and beats that call back to 80s popular music, but ultimately take all the best parts and blend those with their own New Orleans-infused rock aesthetic that adds a vibrant texture to the pop genre.


Mixing the stomp and swagger of a rock 'n roll band with the danceable drama and rule-breaking spirit of pop music, Pet Fangs bridge the gap between old and new, raw and refined, organic and digital.

The band members call their sound "garage-pop," pointing to a range of influences - from Prince to T Rex to Let's Dance-era David Bowie - as wide and varied as the group's own material. All four members of Pet Fangs hail from South Louisiana, where brothers Joe and David Stark first attracted an audience as co-founders of the swampy rock band Baby Bee. Signed to Republic Records, Baby Bee launched as a duo and steadily expanded into a larger lineup, with Jory Cordy and Ben Alleman joining the ranks. Cordy, Alleman, and the two Stark siblings were all songwriters and multi-instrumentalists in their own right, each having logged time in touring bands and as session musicians. Together, though, they were something more: a tight-knit, democratic unit of musicians whose new songs were bigger, bolder, and broader than anything they'd created before. Looking to move outside of the rules they'd placed upon themselves as a rock band, they dissolved Baby Bee and launched a new band. A band with bite. Pet Fangs was born.

From the start, Pet Fangs embraced change. The guys switched instruments often. They switched recording studios, too, looking to chase down different sounds in a string of ever-changing environments. In doing so, they approached their new music like a rock group. They focused on hooks, grooves, and riffs, playing organic instruments along the way. Then, once the basic blueprint for each track had been laid, they abandoned the rule book altogether. Real instruments were sonically manipulated. Live drums were joined by programmed loops. Synthesizers and vocal effects were added to the mix. It was a no-limits approach to pop music, blending the influence of older decades with current sounds and rules-free experimentation. Joining them throughout the studio process was producer, engineer, and honorary "ghost member," Justin Tocket, who manned the recording console and collaborated on new material during its earliest stages.

Pet Fangs' music represents something new. It's equal parts attitude, atmosphere, and adventurousness, glued together by four songwriters whose rock 'n roll pedigree lends edge and electricity to their spacey pop music.

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