Luke Haines announces the release of Outsider / In: The Collection

Set for release Monday July 9th 2012

Outsider / In: The Collection


Music Club Deluxe have announced the release of Outsider/In: The Collection, a compilation of Luke Haines recordings.


The 2-disc set, released on Monday July 9th 2012, features solo tracks alongside his work with both The Auteurs and Baader Meinhof.


The full track listing is as follows:




1.  Show Girl (The Auteurs)

2.  How Could I Be Wrong (The Auteurs)

3.  Lenny Valentino (The Auteurs)

4.  The Upper Classes (The Auteurs)

5.  New French Girlfriend (The Auteurs)

6.  Daughter Of A Child (The Auteurs)

7.  Back With The Killer Again (The Auteurs)

8.  Light Aircraft On Fire (The Auteurs)

9.  Tombstone (The Auteurs)

10. Child Brides (The Auteurs)

11. Unsolved Child Murder (The Auteurs)

12. Underground Movies (The Auteurs Vs. u-ziq)

13. Chinese Bakery (The Auteurs)

14. I’m A Rich Man’s Toy (The Auteurs)

15. Valet Parking (The Auteurs)

16. Starstruck (The Auteurs)

17. Home Again (The Auteurs)

18. Subculture (The Auteurs)




1.  Baader Meinhof (Baader Meinhof)

2.  Back On The Farm (Baader Meinhof)

3.  The Rubettes (The Auteurs)

4.  England, Scotland and Wales (Luke Haines)

5.  Discomania (Luke Haines)

6.  The Spook Manifesto (Luke Haines)

7.  The Oliver Twist Manifesto (Luke Haines)

8. The Mitford Sisters (Luke Haines & The Auteurs)

9.  Das Capital Overture (Luke Haines & The Auteurs)

10. England Vs America (Luke Haines)

11. Death Of Sarah Lucas (Luke Haines)

12. What Happens When We Die (Luke Haines)

13. In The Bleak Midwinter (Luke Haines)

14. Get Wrecked At Home (The Auteurs)

15. There’s Gonna Be An Accident (Baader Meinhof)

16. GSG 29 (Baader Meinhof)


Occasionally - what I do (and have done) is referred to as 'my career.' The term 'career' tends to stump me. Isn't a career something to do with joining the civil service? Anyhow, it's been less of a career more of a war; a war against the vacuous, the unrighteous, the unholy, the unstylish, (the stylish,) the unfunny, the unlovely, the uninspired, the unimaginative. The baddies, the goodies and every other sucker caught in no man's land. These songs are some of the trophies of my early campaigns, many feature a commando detail I led, known as the Auteurs. (less of a group more loyal foot-soldiers under southern command). The Auteurs fought some of the bitterest battles of the early nineties. We didn't win - but we also didn't lose. The War continues to thrive to this day. There are some righteous muthafucking tunes on these discs.


**** pacifism.


War & Peace


Luke Haines 2012


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