Black Eyed Peas on Colbert tonight

Heads up that Black Eyed Peas are performing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight doing their new song 'Street Livin' from their graphic novel, AR and upcoming VR for Masters of the Sun (out on Marvel Comics).  

"Black Eyed Peas Trade Pop For Politics In Powerful Visual On American Racism" - NPR

"Before the Black Eyed Peas devoted themselves to pop party hits, they had moments of social consciousness. But none was as bleak and focused as "Street Livin'," an indictment of systematic racial oppression: poor education, police killings, violent neighborhoods and high incarceration rates, with more African-Americans "in prison than there ever was slaves cotton-pickin'.

"The track looks back to the 1990s, with a measured beat behind a moody trumpet phrase (from "Pouca Douracao" by Deodato). Fergie is absent, leaving the group's founding rappers to deliver rhymes that are slow and uncluttered, determined to be understood. And the images in the video clip underline how little change there has been." - Jon Pareles, New York Times 

Watch the music video for 'Street Livin'', below:

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