Peter Manos shares the video for his breakout song "In My Head"


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Singer-songwriter Peter Manos has shared the video for his explosive debut song "In My Head", which has earned over 45 million plays on Spotify to date. The song has been getting nearly a million plays per day and is just the beginning for Peter. Watch the video for "In My Head" below and watch for more music coming very soon.

"this my first ever visual representation of myself ever so i wanted to keep it scaled back but still tasteful. my friends and i aka creative team created the concept and idea like a week before and just rolled with it. there was a lot of room for error using the equipment/gear we used but there was beauty in that and we loved how it turned out. there was something special about how we came up with the idea and did it all in one night, in my friends ryan and drew's house. a lot of my close friends were there working just as hard as i was to make it happen. was a night and a moment i will never forget for sure." - Peter

Watch "In My Head" below:

January 11, 2019 3:22pm ET by Pressparty  

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