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EAST FOREST has just released Possible, an 11-track album focused on the hopefulness of possibilities, and the strength of being able to rebuild when you are left bare and vulnerable. Centered around the soft, warm tone of a weathered 102-year old Baldwin piano East Forest found in a local music shop, Possible leans into the contemporary classical underpinnings of his work, unspooling a cavalcade of stirring melodies intended to create a musical space for self-discovery and healing. The album is rounded out by string arrangements by Lorna Dune and members of the Boise Philharmonic 208 ensemble, as well as contributions by Bayo Akomolafe and Lorraine Weiss. Possible is the latest chapter in his ever-evolving career, which includes over 25 albums, including 2019’s album length collaboration with spiritual pioneer Ram Dass, and collaborations with Typhoon, Laraaji, Dead Prez, Trevor Hall, and more.

“This music emerged to invite the infinite exploration of possibilities,” states East Forest. “Like many of us I don’t think I would have ever fully pressed pause on life, touring, and my general busyness if it weren’t for the pandemic. For millennia the fields have been burned to create fertile ground. As the pandemic burnt the fields of our lives, now we all have an unexpected gift to plant our own seeds of choice. We can ask ourselves ‘what’s possible?’ Possible allows for the idea that we have a destiny but we have to choose it. We all must be active participants on the unfolding of the newness laid before us. As I sat with a newness emerging, I reflected in the music my feelings of hope from what is being released, composted, and what is being born."

East Forest has been an international leader in sound meditation and psychedelic therapy for over ten years, utilizing his skilled instrumental repertoire to create space for people to find themselves and transcend nature, technology, music, and the human experience. As a trailblazer in the international wellness movement, he’s guided students through a brain-body approach aimed towards non-religious spirituality and conducted retreats at the Esalen Institute, Google and Johns Hopkins neuroaesthetics project, Wavepaths, Consciousness Hacking, TED, and more. He recently shared another new two hour release, IN: A Soundtrack for the Psychedelic Practitioner II, via psychedelic-assisted therapy app Field Trip. The release, which is a spiritual sequel to his 5-hour long 2019 psilocybin soundtrack Music For Mushrooms, fittingly arrives on the heels of his inclusion (alongside Erykah Badu, Grimes, and more) in a New York Times feature about musicians creating work for mindfulness apps. With the release of Possible, East Forest continues to help people free themselves from life stresses heightened by pandemic, to grow further and follow their chosen path.

July 23, 2021 8:00pm ET by Pressparty  

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