Music Artist Chay Crews is Dubb Spot Records' Featured Artist

Her Versatility as a Music Artist is Phenomenal!



Music Artist Chay Crews is Dubb Spot Records'Featured Artist of the Week!

Her Versatility as a Music Artist is Phenomenal!


It's a Pleasure To Have Such A Wonderful Music Artist on the Team.


DSR: How old were you when you developed an interest in music?

Chay: I was 9 years old

DSR: What was your earliest musical memory? What formed your love of music in your head?

Chay: My earliest memory was when I was about 8 and my parents were listening to the Manhattans and my father discovered I was paying more attention to the harmonies then the lyrics. In made him laugh because I was trying to find my note..

DSR: Let’s get to know a little more about you and how you grew up. What was it like in your hometown? What kind of kid were you?

Chay: In my hometown all I seen was people day in and day out going to work and coming home. That's what my parents did. My mom was always making sure we were safe and protected at all times. As I got older I notice that nobody here had dreams and if they did I never seen it.  As a kid all I knew about was going outside to play and have fun and getting dirty. I was such a tomboy. I didn't want to do anything or wear anything my brother couldn't wear!

DSR: So let’s talk about your music. How would you describe your sound as a music artist to someone who has never heard it before?

Chay: I can't really describe my sound. When people see me they already have an idea what I'm about to do. They give me a whining voice with a cute face typical, but when I get off that stage it’s a whole new ballgame. I don't have to describe it, they do it by the looks on their faces.

DSR: What is the significance of your name?

Chay: Ha, Chay Crews ok it’s like this. Everyone has an alter ego but in my case it’s more personal. Chay came from hurt, depression, not feeling loved at times. Chay Crews allows me to say whatever I want on stage and don't think twice about it. I absolutely love that part of me, outspoken and can own up to it!! As a music artist, the stage is my strength today and until the day I can't do it anymore.

DSR: There’s a part of the industry that irks me the most, where a great music artist gets overlooked because they don’t fit a mold. How frustrating is that for you, if people seem to think that you don’t have that sound for radio?

Chay: It's very frustrating I know I’m a good music artist with lyrics and vocals. Sometimes you do want to quit but I won't! It’s so much mess out there it’s like nobody cares about the real artist but I remember Neyo said he had deals but they want to shelf him and the label did because he stuck to his guns, well look at him now and that’s why I will keep true to the music. My day is coming!

DSR: What do you think needs to be brought to music in this decade and how do you plan to add to that as a music artist?

Chay: Passion. Real passion. The money will come but they seem to have forgotten that. I plan on adding great music not just beats. Having a real track made in front of me and not by the computer. I mean instruments like they had back in the day!

DSR: What do you think of the music that came out in the last decade? 

Chay: Honestly, you can't tell one music artist from the other so what does that tell you?? Yeah, thought so...

DSR: How would you rate the music that your music competes against in your local area?

Chay: I will say a 10 and that's not being cocky but taking my career serious. Every studio isn't a great studio. People must learn that.

DSR: As a music artist have you learned any lessons so far and if so, what are they?

Chay: Yes, every opportunity is not a good one. No matter how bad you want it you must be smart not just as a music artist but business minded as well.

DSR: Do you write all of your own material? And if so, are you working on any new projects or have any projects that you are promoting right now?

Chay: Yes I write all my lyrics and yes I have some new projects in the works. I have a few songs out right now and I don't like having a lot of different music out there all over the place but please believe me I stay ready!




DSR: Where can the people find you performing or attend the events you are involved in?

Chay: I always post as I go. I always tell people where I will be and let them know ahead of time.

DSR: Where can we find your music online and offline? Online?

Chay: I could name many places but it’s just too many. So I tell people to goggle the music artist Chay Crews and the rest is history.

DSR: We ask all Artists that we interview, what’s the best piece of advice that someone has ever given to you?

Chay: Only you can see your dreams come true so keep being a dreamer!!

DSR: Is there anything else that you would like to include in closing of this interview?

Chay: I want to thank my loving husband and producer Tracy Crook for always believing in me. His faith in me keeps me going. I want to thank Dubb Spot Records for working with me and believing in this Alabama Stallion! I'm ready to show the world who I truly Am!!!!

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