IT: Forget about streaming, Francesco Guccini scores Platinum certification for physical only album



Legendary Italian singer-songwriter Francesco Guccini has proven that it is possible to go against the streaming trend in the twenty-first century. Guccini, who officially retired ten years ago, now has received a Platinum certification for his physical only album Canzoni da intorto, which was released in November 2022 via BMG. The unique distribution way has not stopped it from becoming the most-sold album in Italy in 2022, with more than 45,000 copies sold.

Dino Stewart, Managing Director Italy at BMG, said: “For a music manager, it is always a great pleasure to hand over a Platinum Award to an artist! But this is so much more than that. Canzoni Da Intorto has proven that the audience is very conscious of how they consume music and value it. In this particular case, we'd like to thank the 45,000 people who honor the artists' hard work.”

Raffaele Viganò, Director Recordings Italy at BMG, said: “This result is an enormous success for the artist and our team at BMG and comes after more than three years of hard work. In October 2020, Francesco Guccini came up with the idea of recording a new concept album, ten years after he decided to retire. At first, this looked to us like a mission impossible. We trusted his vision and completing this incredible project with these astonishing sales results has been one of the greatest fulfillments of the latest years.”

The album is musically complex, featuring over thirty instrumentalists from different musical genres, from folk to pop music and from band music to Balkan music.

Francesco Guccini's previous album Note di Viaggio – Capitolo 1: Venite Avanti released in November 2019 via BMG, has reached Gold certification in Italy.

Guccini is one of Italy’s most important and admired “cantautori”. As part of a generation that changed the face and principles of Italian popular music in the 1970s, Guccini has recorded 20 studio albums and collections, and eight live albums during the five decades of his music career. The multi-talented artist has also worked as a book author, actor, and soundtrack composer.

Source BMG

February 14, 2023 7:00am ET by Pressparty  

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