The One-Stop Shop for Artist Management, Studio Services and more, Weebang Music officially Soft launches May 1st!

The One-Stop Shop for Artist Management, Studio Services and more, Weebang Music officially Soft launches May 1st!


By: Andi Petty

May 1st, 2014


Las Vegas, NV - The nature of music is always growing and evolving.  With a huge surge in the popularity of electronic dance music, more and more musicians are spending hours in front of a different kind of instrument – a digital one.  Built on the premise of creating a community for people who love and live for music, Weebang is looking to connect with this generation’s digital protégés. A division of the elite and established European Music Market (EUMM), industry-changing Weebang is spearheaded by 25-year veterans Ronnie Lee and Luca Pretolesi. Pretolesi is the Mix & Master mastermind behind Studio DMI (translated to ‘The Study of Digital Music Innovation), another notable division of the company that provides sound engineering to some of the biggest artists in the world. This work has earned him two Grammy nods and repeat business from the industry’s best. Lee’s expertise comes from successful business management and helping artists reach A-list status. His docket includes the likes of EDM great Fergie DJ and prodigal Vegas-natives Shelco Garcia and Teenwolf.


A membership-based organization, being a ‘Weebanger’ boasts exclusive opportunities such as educational seminars, access to VIP events, discounted prices for Studio services overseen by Pretolesi himself and more. With a strong emphasis on brand development and artist management, Lee and Pretolesi have developed a world with Weebang that allows a music lover to make a name for themselves in the music business. The main goal is to create a world for those who love music to create it, produce it, mix it, shop it, publish it and spin it. They provide the professional services one could desire at a more than manageable price.  


If you have been searching for how to make your music provide a lifestyle you can live off of, Weebang could be your answer. They hold the key industry tools at their disposal, leveraging everything you have to offer so you can focus on what makes you truly happy – the music.



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